Privacy Policy

This document has been prepared by Bodymap Animation Studio in relation to its websites and iPad app's. In the following documents we refer to our 'websites', these are ; Our App's and Website do not store or share your location data. At no point will be ask your for personal data, email address or other contact info within our apps. As such all our users are anonymous to ourselves. When you purchase our app's via iTunes , Apple handles the financial transaction and we are not aware of or have contact details for our purchasers. Our website does not use cookies. Our websites do not carry adverts and as such 3rd parties are not in a position to collect data via our web services and app's. Our apps do not link to social media or external sites outside of those mentioned above. The nature of the weblink within our app's means that it is a closed system and only accesses locked pages within our servers. The browser software within our apps does not allow other sites or pages to be visited, it is not possible for example to enter a url manually. From time to time we may contact users of our app's via the push notification service. Users are able to disable this when initially installing our app's. If you have any questions then you can email us at or write to us at Bodymap Animation Studio
18 Lawnswood
OL11 3HB
United Kingdom